I’ve always struggled with starting things, and as this is the beginning of something entirely new for me, I’m not completely sure how it’ll work. I know at the very least, it’ll be a place for me to talk about my Communication and Media Studies/Economics and Finance degree. The uncertainty lies in how I’ll incorporate my personal-ness into what I put here.

Will I talk about myself; about how I’m an 18 year-old Jesus-loving guitarist from Dapto, with an obsession for sport, a great interest in maths and science, and an unhealthy addiction to YouTube? – In some capacity, yes. Will it be a place for people to get lost and thoroughly confused by the labyrinth that is my strange (let’s call it poetic) interpretation of how I can use grammar and punctuation of the English language? – Almost certainly. Will it be an outlet for me to vent incessant rambling of petrifying fear, as I delve deep into my mind, discovering horrid, suppressed memories from my childhood? – I hope not.

Regardless, it will be a journey that I venture into, accompanied by (at least) my tutors, lecturers and whoever you are. So, as we press on together, I take pity on you, who by either choice or obligation are reading this incoherent gibberish from the mind of a crazy person named Brendon.




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