Of Mice and Men

Today, ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ was released. Filming began 11 months ago, and the movie is estimated to gross $80 million in its first weekend. YouTube’s ‘PewDiePie’ also released a video today: ‘Demon Simulator – DEMON GOAT’. His clip, posted 18 hours ago, has already gained 1.9 million views. These are two vastly different productions, yet they’re owned by the same mouse.

Yes, Disney, who acquired Marvel in 2009, also bought the YouTube multichannel network ‘Maker’. This deal (initially $500 million) “could end up being as much as $950 million if the company meets certain targets”. Several large production companies have been investing in these YouTube MCNs. Another big player in the field is DreamWorks, which owns ‘Awesomeness TV’, which (as of yesterday) owns ‘Big Frame’.

After Google took over the site for $1.65 billion, it launched its ‘Partner Program’ giving money to popular YouTubers for their content. The advertising revenue in 2013 was estimated at $5.6 billion. There are a lot of big numbers here, but the simple fact is that there’s lots of money to make out of YouTube; no matter who you are.

Time for a quick joke:
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Yahoo trying to challenge YouTube as a video platform.
*Everybody laughs hysterically*

Moving on… Clearly there’s quite a bit of fraternizing between major companies online. The test for YouTube will be how it holds on to its individuality. The site, its content creators, and their viewers all benefit from the huge amounts of money being pumped into the platform; however, it must avoid the dangers of over-commercialisation in order to maintain its popularity.



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