Creation requires influence: we can’t introduce anything new, until we are fluent in our domain and we do that through emulation. Unfortunately, this mixture of ideas which creates new ideas is beginning to become more difficult. Producers of content have become arrogant; believing that their ideas are divine forms of pure, original creation. The reality is that all ideas stem from other ideas.

You’ve of course heard a song that has been remixed before, but remix culture extends far beyond this aspect. Remixing is the collecting, combining and transforming of music, video, photos, whatever. To claim ownership of any idea is questionable. Take Disney’s Frozen for example: Filmmaker Kelly Watson claimed that Disney used scenes in their trailer, similar to that of her short film. However, Disney blocked access to Brian Hull’s YouTube mashup video (this has been resolved). It seems conceited to use the work of others, yet disallow the transformation of ‘your’ idea.

Copyright laws often threaten new remixes. Parody of copyrighted work is allowed under fair use, but remixes and mashups in copyright is a complicated issue. We’re living in a very crucial time for copyright reformation. With the development of online technology and collaborative media, the laws of ownership are in danger of limiting creativity for the future.



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