Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Butterfly

‘Young people are the future’

It’s been said before, and yes, it is relevant and true; but what are young people doing with their lives? Maybe we just don’t know how lucky we are.

BREAKING NEWS! – Things are happening in the world, and these things need our attention. Unfortunately young people are often defined as lazy, utterly self absorbed – it goes on and on. Contrary to this popular belief, if you look hard enough, you can find youth instigating positive change.  From Occupy Wall Street, to Kony 2012, youth around the world are collaborating, using social media, to make a difference. This support for good causes is nice, but there’s a phenomenon occurring known as slacktivism. This is “the way of the new style activist who just signs online petitions and shares on Facebook, instead of the banner waving, old fashioned street style, brawling with coppers activist days.” The actual benefit of a lot of internet hype isn’t all that helpful with no action to follow.


We lazy, apathetic young people need to make an actual stand for what is important in this world; we need action now.




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